Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Might be an Aspie if...

I found this site that followed this line of thinking of "You Might Be an Aspie if..."
I liked the site, because it is run & all the content is from ones with AS. I picked some of my favs, because each & every one reminds me of my dear hubby :)

You might be an Aspie if...

  • you don't think an aspie board would be very authentic without some argumentative pontificating.

  • ...you think "Cure Autism Now" ought to be called "Eliminate Autistics Now" and it makes you mad.

  • …your idea of a date is to lie under the stars with your partner of the evening and discuss which of the visible stars will become a black hole the soonest.

  • …you almost go into a panic when you discover that a picture or other wall-mounted item is hanging 1° off perpendicular, and you feel compelled to straighten it out, even if it's not in your own home.

  • …you tend to regard the world as your personal scientific experiment, with you playing Mad Scientist to the hilt.

  • ...you get asked "if we could talk about something different" when you rattle on on one of your interests and you nod and start on another interest of yours....you insist on your view on fairness even when anyone else thinks you have gone mad.

  • ...you keep bumping into people but the only time you actually remember to apologize is when you bump into a tree.

  • ...you forget to eat or drink for a few days because you are working on an interesting project.

  • ...someone wants to get past you and says "excuse me" and you reply "sure" without moving a bit.

  • ..if you spend hours trying to figure out how someone could find a meaning in your words that was not there.

  • ...people come to you with all their problems because you are such a good listener, but their problems just make no sense to you.

  • ...you tell your friends the same stories all over because you can't remember having told them before.

  • ...you understand a certain figure of speech because it was explained to you, but you still wonder what idiot could come up with something like that.

  • ...you consider the pleasantries of others just a waste of time.

  • ...you follow rules to the letter - but only if they make sense to you.

  • you can remember every word to "Louie, Louie" but not a single name in your immediate family.

  • you thought Lex Luthor was way cooler than Superman.

  • you can remember the entire Gettysburg Address but not your street address.

  • ...every couple of months you have a chuckle over the sword-on-the-table scene in "Get Smart" even though the last time you saw it was over 30 years ago

  • You would rather have your liver pecked out by a giant crow than spend a day at the mall.

  • You take apart computers or other electronics for fun. 10 additional points if you started doing this before you were five years old.

  • if "that`s just the way it is ..." does not compute

  • your hands are always covered in burns, cuts and scars, and the only ones you noticed getting are the really spectacular ones, but they never hurt anyway.

  • people keep saying if they were you, they wouldn`t be telling anybody about the idiotic ways you got those burns, cuts and scars.

  • ...you find yourself using phrases that you are pretty sure are playing directly from audio tape in your head.

  • ...when someone says, "Now take a minute and picture -in your head- something or other", you wonder why it would be necessary to suggest it, because you always have pictures in your head.

  • ..on the one hand you think you are the most interesting person you know, but not too many other people are trying to get to know you.

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Anonymous said...

*Smile* I see myself in a few of those.