Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I Am Teaching My Son at Home

Benefits of teaching an Aspie at home are as follows:

  • can work at their level of maturity, comprehension and or understanding
  • non-judgemental parental input when problems are experienced in set work or work load

  • allows the AS person to obtain education with out being limited by anxiety ridicule or difference

  • Bullying from other students, who don't appreciate differences, is virtually eliminated
  • because of a lack in social skills, school and social issues are a distraction, instead of beneficially stimulating

I am pleasantly surprised that family & friends support the endeavor, for the most part. I am also surprised at the lack of "curious" questioning, but perfectly pleased with the lack thereof, too.

Do my blog readers understand WHY I talk about this so much? If they do not, then I will tell them. I NEED to reassure myself, I NEED to evaluate & question... because when I start questioning and look for the answers YET AGAIN, then I find that reassurance. Thanks for all your support!

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say AMEN! Now if only my Aspergian daughter were happy being home schooled. She wants to go to PS. :-/

I think everyone needs to reassure herself that's she's doing the right thing for her kids ... and your faithful blog readers can be a good sounding board. ;-) But I have the impression that all your instincts are right on target.