Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fetuses can HEAR Ultrasound Testing

Aww, how cute!! NOT!
Dr. Fatemi says: (*a medical engineer at the Mayo Foundation's Ultrasound Research Laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota, and his team of researchers recently discovered that fetuses can actually hear ultrasound scans, which were previously thought to be inaudible. Fatemi originally became interested in the issue after hearing that fetuses often act up during ultrasound exams.*)

"It's common knowledge among doctors," he says, that "fetuses responded to ultrasound by increasing their movement." Curious about why that could be, Fatemi decided to find out if the fetus could be responding to auditory stimulation.

As it turns out, fetuses don't hear ultrasound on its own, but its interaction with bone and other tissue. When ultrasound hits bone, Fatemi says, it can produce vibrations in a fetus's sensitive hearing structure. A similar phenomenon occurs when you tap your finger close to your ear. The sound seems loud to you because of the vibrations produced in your ear, Fatemi says, but no one else in the room would be able to hear the sound.

..."they now know that during ultrasound exams, fetuses are actually in an agitated state due to the loud noises they are hearing. "If we want to know more about how the fetus behaves," he says, "we will have to develop an ultrasound machine that does not disturb the fetus with noise."
I am sorta, kinda irritated by this, because we all hear that ULTRASOUND is "safe".
It actually is pretty much, an unecessary "toy" for parents to "see'' their baby... but is told that it is "routine" & you are expected to NOT question it.
Did you know that the DOPPLER that is used to listen to the heartbeats puts out a higher frequency than an ultrasound???!!!
I have read other articles that say the sound frequencies can kill cells or can keep them from forming, too!

My oh, my... let me keep my mouth shut!
Let me not scare any mommies off from here!
I had u.s. with ALL my children. When my youngest turned up with a disorder, I have done too much research & found all this "good", scary, objective info. If only it hadn't been too late.

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Anonymous said...

I had a LOT of ultrasounds -- especially with Sarah -- because of my history of miscarriage and vaginal bleeding during my pregnancies, among other reasons. Interesting that using this procedure freely is rarely questioned.