Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things Overheard in our Home This Weekend

Getting in the bed, tucking him in, he requests my presence until he falls asleep. I am using "logic" to let him know that I have some things to take care of this evening & will be laying with him for about 5 minutes.
Quietly, he takes my cheeks, says, "Mom, how old are you?"
I divulge.
He then says, "And how old is Dad?"
I tell him.
He then says: "Well, I am five years old & I don't like to be alone at night."

Teen son says he cannot "afford the car insurance, just cancel it."
Yeah, right, I say, "You are my official errand runner now!"
I'll pay it!
Oh, but he just signed a contract at Gold's Gym, committing his money (which is more, by the way than the insurance) to a monthly payment there!

My darling, Sassafrass, has bike wreck last Thursday.
She is okay, just a little laid-up.
She begs & pleads to go to a 'softball' game to just watch.
I remind her that the walk to the actual field is pretty long. (She is on crutches).
I tell her I am advising, STRONGLY against it.
She whines, I do not give in.
We go to Wal-Mart for some things she wants... she RIDES in the ELECTRIC CART...
she is crying when we leave, telling me how tired she is & how much her sore leg is hurting.
SHE only walked to the door of the store, as I had dropped her off!!



Alison said...

How cute, and sensible your 5 year old is. These times are precious if we can just focus on them :-)

Anonymous said...

That is one SMART little guy. Poor C. It must be hard being laid up like that and in pain. Call me if I can help!