Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are you outnumbered, too?

Ever have the feeling that you are outnumbered? I do & we are! We went to HersheyPark with the whole family practically this past weekend. Grandparents, us, our kids, neices & nephew...

6 adults & 6 kids. It was wild & fun, to say the least!

Are you outnumbered? You do realize that after 2 kids, then the losing begins, right?

Parents can be bossy. They can be downright mean, but what if you want good things to come from your children? You want them to be productive adults, so you cannot just boss them around without giving them any chance to become individuals. Get my drift? ! ?

So, we accept the crew & their sheer size. It can all equal out- because remember, all of their weight does not yet equal all of ours! Except my teen, but he's almost done "cookin'".

When they start showing maturity, when they open the last peppermint patty & offer you some, when they give more than they take, when they offer the computer to their sibling w/o an ulterior motive, when they take out the trash & add another bag w/o being told, when they hug you because they love you, when they WANT to get a job- Then you know you have won, even though you are outnumbered. It will be ok.

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momof3feistykids said...

Great post! :-) I love the examples of maturity you gave.