Friday, September 14, 2007

Blood, Fire, Vomit or Flood

NO- I am not speaking of horror stories!

I am referring to what I tell the kids, as to when they can come get me, after I have asked them to leave me be... lol.

Like, when I am in the bathroom,or when they go outside, or when I lock our bedroom door in the evenings, after bedtime. (someone, specifically the blonde one, will ALWAYS come to our door after 11 p.m. NEVER FAILS!)
So, last night I told her this... Don't come to my door, unless there is : Blood, Fire, Vomit or Flood- I had to add flood, because the time prior she came to the door last night, she said her toilet was overflowing (come to find out, the water level was too high & it had gone down by the time she ran back upstairs.)

My friend tells her kids "Blood or Fire, blood or fire"... that cracked me up, so I decided to start using it, but had to add two more options for legal reasons... ha, ha!

What does your family say? Do you have limits on things like these? I would love to hear your input... (families with one child do not qualify) just joking!! :+


Karen said...

My mom would put a Dixie cup out and say to us, "Come and get me if someone gets hurt and you're bleeding enough to fill this up." There were a boatload of kids between us and the neighbors so we self-policed pretty well!

I have a nearly-three-year-old and a nearly-one-year-old so we still have our fair share of interruptions. I did get to use the bathroom in privacy once this week... heaven!

DoulaKK said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen.
Interruptions never end!
Oldest is going on 16... still happens. But, more from younger ones, of course!
Ah, yes: HEAVEN- defined as one miniscule visit to the family bathroom without any interruptions; you choose what day of the week. May not be over one 15 minute period. Other restrictions apply.
Hee,hee! :}