Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thou be a spongy, swag-bellied, flax-wench!

Renaissance Faires
Pirates, whom answer to the wench!
Don't tell them I said that... lol
My wee Lad
My Young Lady

We have been to two in the last month!
Philip is most likely hooked by the jaws!

We camped & visited a Renn Faire up in ye olde Maryland & that was all she wrote. Philip is a swash-buckling pirate wanna-be, matey.

The faires are very enjoyable, don't get me wrong. But my hubby's brutishly cute smile will not be rubbing off on the likes of me any further this year. I am 'renn-faired' out. Two faires are too much!!!!! jk- I secretly like them, but if Philip gets wind of this, he will likely drag us to another before the year ends, so button it... :+ !

The kids love it, the food is great, the atmosphere- OH, the atmosphere... not enough stimulation lately? Attend a faire, just one day- there is much to see & do & eat & drink.
You will be overstimulated before you can say, "Thou art a reeky, rump-fed, hugger-mugger"

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