Thursday, May 24, 2007

Homeschooling Support & Learning Options

As homeschoolers, it is important, imho, to have much outside support, so your kids won't think they are the only homeschoolers for a 120 mile radius.
We are members of 3 homeschool support groups. One is Natural Learners of the Shenandoah Valley, one is Blue Ridge Homeschoolers & the one I just started with the help of my mom & my good friend, Darla.

It is called: Friends for Creative Education. I just started a yahoo group for it & already am having good response.
The latter two groups are for Jehovah's Witnesses & their families. We are a mixed group, homeschooling in different ways... from curriculum-based, with high structure to full blown unschoolers.
I was so happy to find the NLSV group though. They are open & do some fun stuff. Which is what the kids are looking for... Fun, fun, fun- you can never have too much of it they think... I beg to differ. My age is showing some, huh?
Natural learning is important to our family. I used to be all structure, all the time, until I was completely stressed out & so were the kids. We have learned to loosen up... my kids are ahead, so I don't worry too much about it. We are eclectic. My daughter changes curriculum & books like she changes her underwear! lol I don't mind too much, as long as every choice she makes is not costing alot of moolah. We have many choices in the house, so she is staying quite busy.
Hunter is in High School now... We went with Penn Foster, part online, part books. It is working great for him. He has done 2 years in one school year... He could be doing more, but I'll allow it. I'm not a tough cookie, as you are probably getting wind of here...
Thanks for listening to my rambling... I do that sometimes. KK

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Paige said...


I do hope to meet you and your family soon. I'm glad you chose to join NLSV...such a great group of kids (not to mention the MOMS)! We keep pretty busy with activities (3-4 times this week alone) with some of our NLSV friends!

Paige, in Staunton