Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daily Goings-ons in Our Household

Ok, I am a doula *childbirth assistant & a breastfeeding peer counselor*- But my main & first job is being a mother to three lovely children... So, here are daily crises that rise in our household... DAILY NOW, Not scattered events, daily !!! lol

Stray Socks- Where, o Where do you go? Why, o Why don't you stay? Can't you understand we need you, we need you to play? My oldest son, Hunter is 15. He blames the washing machine for eating his socks. I blame his bedroom. He blames me for losing his socks, I say I never had them to wash to begin with. Who is right, who is wrong? Do the socks have a mind of their own?

Laundry Service?- I am a busy woman- I homeschool, have a Bible Ministry, have to provide meals (several) a day, do dishes (yes, I have a dishwasher, but I actually enjoy doing the dishes by hand- No, I am not a weirdo, well maybe I am), sweep, mop, scrub potties *toilets*, check on the 4 year old, check on the 4 year old, check on the 4 year old... hee,hee ok, I'll stop- I do laundry, make sure my daughter is not having any major meltdowns, crises', etc., dust, make the bed everyday, windex.... OK< you get the point... all mothers do this stuff... But am I to be a Laundry Queen forever? Yes, I am good at it... but when I call my son to come get his clothes, he actually grumbles!? Can you believe that? All he has to do is bring his laundry to me, hand it over, & I do the rest... So, all this rambling, just to say this: When I handed him his FOLDED laundry, I told him to say "Thank you dear mother for my clean laundry, in which you slaved over the 2 machines in the back of the house, so I, yes, I may have clean laundry for my closet & drawers to be filled with. Yes, mother, you are wonderful... you are the most hard-working, sweet, dainty mother I will ever have... Oh mother, what would I ever do without your services? I will never be able to repay you." and he chuckled at that thought & I went back to doing the laundry a little bit more willingly, I must say... lol-----------

Growing out of Nap Time- My son, Josiah who is 4.5 y.o. is growing out of naps... boobie-hoobie
What do you do?! He is sooo tired by 3-4 p.m. he whines & cries if someone crosses their eyes at him. If I put him down for a nap then, he is up until midnight, running through the house, terrorizing sleepy people. If I keep him up until 8 pm, he is running through the house terrorizing seemingly happy people.
Oh well, we will work it out- such is life in the home of a preschooler. Hyper, but happy!

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momof3feistykids said...

What a terrific web log. I like the way you weave together your family life and professional knowledge. Lovely family!