Friday, May 25, 2007

My baby is going to work!

My oldest, Hunter, is starting his first job today at the mall!

AND, he had to walk to work today. Just so happens, I am without a vehicle this day, of all days. Poor kid! It won't kill him, I know, but getting all sweaty & walking into work on your first day?!

I feel so bad for him. He did not complain though. He is happy he has a j-o-b, finally.

He is 15 & has wanted to have a job since turning 14. Noone was interested in hiring a 14 yo at the time, so, we stopped putting applications in... Anyhoo, he has a job now, bussing tables at the good 'ol Country Cookin'! If anyone goes there on the weekends, after 5, say Hi to him.

I am so proud, too. I love being a mom to my kids, they make me proud everyday!

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