Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Affirmations in Pregnancy, at Birth & Postpartum

My body is beautiful & strong. I am eating good food for myself & for my baby. My baby is developing perfectly within me. I am surrounded by love. I am preparing well for labor, birth & for mothering. Each day I learn more about life and love. Each day brings me closer to meeting my baby. I will allow my labor and birth to be an experience to call my own.
My body knows how to birth this baby. I will let my body do its work perfectly. I will be seeing my baby soon. Each contraction or rush helps my cervix dilate. Each contraction or rush helps my baby to be born. I love my baby. Strong rushes are good contractions. I am strong and can let my rushes/ contractions be strong. It is okay. Labor is healthy for me & my baby. My baby can pass perfectly through my pelvis. I am surrounded by love. I can stretch & give way for my child. I wil be holding my baby soon.
My body is beautiful, capable, and strong. My baby will thrive on my breastmilk & love. I am adjusting to my new life as a mother. Let me find my way. There is plenty of love in my family. My baby knows all is well in his/her new surroundings.

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