Thursday, October 30, 2008

Library Today

We went to the Library today. I love, love, love going & one of my teenage sons loves it, too.
My 6 yo son hates me dragging him anywhere, but once he gets there, he is okay. He plays science games on their PC & plays on the playground there. Yes, my library rocks, thank you very much! :o]

We have a circuit of 3 libraries in our immed. area!! They are all fantastic! Apart from the low-crime rate & scenery, the library system is one of my TOP reasons for living in this area!

I pick out books for myself, then pick some for the youngest, while he plays. He has no interest in the books at the library, just the computer & the huge paper-mache dinosaur they have there!
My mother pays my daughter $5 for each book she reads & can you believe that she does not enjoy reading? She is NOT getting rich off of this... She IS my daughter though, I promise!

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Anonymous said...

I love our libraries too! Especially that one. Great picture of Lucy. :-)

I hope your severe cold is better. I've been under the weather too. Ick!

The Headmistress of the Monkey House