Friday, October 31, 2008

The Gift of Gum for my Son

My son is on a NO ARTIFICIAL FOOD COLORING Diet. ((courtesy of the Feingold Diet))
It helps tremendously with his high-activity level.
ok, so I found this gum he loves & bought him some, even though it costs a good amount. He loves the Bubble Gum & Tangerine Flavors the best.

He likes gum enough for it to be worth it, but not enough for it to dissapear in a week's time.

So now, he can have gum like his siblings. You see, almost ALL gums have artificial colors, why you ask? Ridiculous, I say. Even the great JUICY FRUIT actually ADDED Yellow Food Coloring to their bland-shaded gum last year, right after we discovered the diet & discovered that he enjoyed this gum in particular!!
He handles his diet well, but I want to thwart any feelings of being left out before they happen.


Jane said...

Good for you! It sounds like the Feingold Diet, plus lots of Mommy love is really helping your child.
There are several other brands of acceptable gums, in addition to Glee. B-Fresh and Peelu are two other brands that will be included in the Feingold Association's goodie baskets this holiday. There is a photo of some of the goodies on the home page:

High Quality Mothering said...

Thank you, Jane.
J. hates Mint, but I may try out the Fruit flavors.