Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Science: Exploring our Sense of Smell

We watch Sid, the Science Kid...
a great science show for young ones on PBS.
There was an
episode that explored our Sense of Smell...
so we did that, too.

That show really opens Josiah's mind to
different aspects of the science world. But,
surprisingly, he has to be prompted to
watch it... go figure.

J. got one out of 5 right.
Hm...mmmmm.... its fine, fine...
We had 'banana', which he thought was jelly.
'mustard', which he thought was poop, or maybe barf
(his words)
'syrup' which he guessed to be french toast... (close)
'peanut butter', which he thought was: Peanut Butter!
& one more: 'chocolate', which he thought was p.b.

We had fun.

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