Monday, August 25, 2008

Grocery Baggin'

Today I am thinking about reusable grocery bags.
Actually, I have been thinking about them daily.

I know, I need to get out more!!

Yes, bags for my groceries. I am proud to say that for 2 months, I have been using my own reusable bags for food stuffs.

Sometimes I forget them in the car, then I pack the groceries BACK into the cart, then BAG them AT the car!

Is it worth all this trouble? Putting stuff in the buggy, loading it onto the belt, putting it BACK into the buggy, unloading it for the 2nd time, bagging it ??!!

YES, I actually feel GUILTY now, if I DON'T use them. When I forgot them at home, two times in 2 months, I had a pain of guilt so big, I considered loading them into my van, unbagged, then carrying them in the house in my reusable bags that were left at home.

Do you bag your groceries? I found that the cashiers are thrown for a loop (unless I am at

Whole Foods...♥that place!), when I present my bags. So, I just let them off the hook & tell them to just put everything on top of the plasticbag spinny thing & I will do it right into my buggy.

Ol' WallyWorld is not up to par quite yet with this concept... at least the cashiers aren't. I actually thought one cashier was offended. Could it be??
Oh well, I will keep this up, to ease my conscience about plastic bags taking 1,000 years to degrade.... In this day & age, it seems like we have taken some steps BACKwards in the retail biz.... these stores could at least offer the 'ol standby of PAPER bags around here!!
No more PAPER OR PLASTIC? asking. sheesh...

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to be faithful about taking my own bags (I bought some from Kroger), but I have trouble to remembering. It's a shame that the cashiers at Wal Monster are not more on board. They do SELL those cloth bags, after all. HUGS, S.