Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Days, Bad Days

Today I am thinking about my son with Asperger's & how he has good days & bad days.
I am always trying to figure out: WHY??!!

I see him struggle with his thoughts, his manner, his high energy level one day, then I see him feel great, love all in the house, say please & thank you readily, the next.

I have been viewing this as an issue. I am thinking that his diet is not consistent, I am thinking I need to give him 'epsom salt' baths more, give him his fish oil vitamins more, give him more protein, etc.
I am rehashing what happened in his diet & in his world the days that are good, so I can duplicate it. My other children are asking me, "Did he have something with food coloring in it today?"

thinking, thinking, thinking...

But, I have come to the realization that I need to lay off, lay low, take it easy, give myself a break. I know I did the same things each day; I gave him his vitamins, I did not allow him to have any artificial food coloring, he had a bath with salts in it, he exercised.

I realize that I tweaked nothing!
So, I am THINKING that I will take it as it comes, not overanalyze it, & ACCEPT it for what it is.

Good days, bad days; everyone has them!

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Anonymous said...

You're very wise. :-)