Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning Independence in the Kitchen

With my son being 10 now, he is taking an interest in making foods on his own, which is a good thing in our home... he made his waffles in the toaster this week, when I was ill in bed!

There was an interest when he was 4-6 years of age, but that was just 
him "playing" (learning) in the kitchen.    (click link for video)

He has recently made his own eggs and toast, as pictured here.
There are lots of things to be learned while cooking in the kitchen with your kids.
This blog post tells us here:

Here are some positive effects that can be achieved when cooking with your children.
• Science or Literacy anyone? Reading and following recipes highly improves the understanding of mathematical skills and reading skills of children. Let them spell it out… or write the shopping list. How fun!
• If you prepare and eat foreign food, children are exposed to different languages,different cultures, ​​and some culinary vocabulary will stick, that goes beyond “spaghetti bolognese”, we promise.
• The preparation of cooking and hygiene improves the organizational understanding of your helper. Have them put away dishes, play with table settings, and let them name the cooking tools. What a fun way to be engaged. Following a recipe can be quite interesting, and your child will learn to adapt to follow directions.
• If your child is included in the preparation of the food, it is proven to show healthier eating habits later in life. Can’t argue that!
• Cooking together also conveys a sense of responsibility, “the team spirit”. In addition, many happy childhood memories go back to work on a project with their family – how about a family dinner night?

What will you make with your child in the kitchen this week?

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