Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Injurious Things

I spent two hours in the ER last night! My 17 yo son & his friends thought it would be a blast to play hide-and-seek outside after dark. Which is WAS fun for them, then Hunter got hurt. He slipped on our wet patio!! Fell right on his elbow, the one he broke 2 years ago, too!
We had x-rays, but they said there wer no breaks. Good news!!! So, it is just sprained or the bone is bruised. He went to work today all wrapped up in Ace bandages, so it is not too bad!

Funny thing is, we were just at the ER two weeks ago. He & a friend were playing around with the front door & SMASH, Hunter's arm went right through the glass pane! No stitches that time, just butterfly bandages!

Think they are suspicious of my parenting over there by now?
He is 6 foot 1" tall, weighs 250+... I must be one tough mother to be torturing this child, huh?