Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photographer Captures my Kids!

I have met an awesome photographer in the area... her name is Rebekah Girvan & she is from Harrisonburg. Read her blog here.
I just had to upload some of the pics she took for us & to show off my kiddos a little. I love them for each of their different personalities, which are very diverse, by the way!

Her photos are real, the shoot is pleasant & she has an easy-going personality that works well with kids. Rebekah calls it "organic" photography. She does weddings & newborn shoots, also.


~ April ~ said...

Gorgeous photos!! I love the b/w one of all the kids. You have a beautiful family.

Robin said...

What beautiful photos. The photographer did a great job, but she had fabulous raw material to work from :-). I love the one of your 6-year-old in midair!