Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Evil Month of March

Not gonna bore you, just going to record this trashy month that has been March of '09.

  • Grandad too sick, won't make it much longer
  • Overwhelmed by job
  • No money; too much child support, not receiving child support (you figure that one out)
  • House has 'STAYED' messy the whole month
  • Weather is raunchy, then nice, then raunchy
  • Grandaddy died
  • Job stressin' me out
  • One certain person in the house is neurotic & I cannot do anything about it
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Funeral
  • Wanting to move on & cannot
  • Laundry piled high, higher than ever! I thought kids were supposed to pitch in to help, but not help make the pile grow higher & higher. Ooh , look, It is Mt. St. momma's britches!
  • Mentoring younger one
  • Mentoring some mothers that are dealing with other moms who have an ignorance about the laws of homeschooling
  • Husband loses job
  • Youngest is especially wacky, due to all the rain & not being able to run it off, outside
  • Must get rid of Pomeranian puppy that barks, bites & is possessive over (guess who!) He chewed my mouse wire, my keyboard wire, tore up our bamboo, gave me a multitude of headaches from his yappin'!
Good things that happened in March:

  • Job stress leveled out
  • Parents talked about going to the beach & taking our family
  • Son got a job
  • Kids are happy even though we have no money!
  • We participated in the Lights out night- it was fun!
  • Gained encouragement from people I have not ever met on Facebook
  • Seen a baby be born in the midst of all the death (circle of life)
  • Decided to pool resources with another lover of all things birth in W'boro
  • Weather- I love the rain, I love the sun
  • I started hanging clothes outside on the line this month. :)
  • Son cooperated getting his hair cut for once.
  • Reconnected with some family members that I was not sure would ever happen!

That is all, that is good. Just wanted to record it & let it out of my head!

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