Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recycling Plastic- Lids/Caps a No-no!

I am into recycling... I am not avid, but do what my household's trash lends me to accomplish.
Saying that, I have researched what can be recycled & what SHOULD not be...
The Plastic Cap/ Lids on plastic containers should NOT be recycled.
Most recycling facilities agree that they are just not worth it & are actually dangerous!
Here's why:
  • The caps can melt & "gum up" the true recyclable plastics & make that batch unsalvageable!
  • The caps can "shoot out" at dangerous speeds & harm a recycling worker, when the plastic is being crushed!
  • The caps/lids can "jam" the the processing equipment, which would not be efficient at all.

Given the many potential issues, however, most recyclers would rather avoid taking them altogether. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true: At this time and in most locales, the responsible consumers are the ones who throw their plastic caps and lids into the trash instead of the recycling bin.

Courtesy of : EarthTalk

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