Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tips to Reuse Items

Here are some tips on re-using items that I may have otherwise thrown out. I am trying to do my part to 'go green'. Little as it may be... I think it all helps.

1. Tissue Boxes- (empty ones)
  • Save dryer lint in. You can make fire starters with the whole "brick" in your fireplace or an outdoor fire!
  • Store those horrible, plastic shopping bags that multiply like bunnies. You can either fold them neatly or shove 'em in.
  • To save "Box Tops for Education" in, in your pantry, maybe?
  • Use the rectangle ones as a "mailbox" for your little pretenders. They love to get that mail!
  • Use it as a "mini" wastebasket in the bathroom, for those icky, used q-tips, panty liner strips, nail clippings, etc. (eww)
  • Use it as a "mini" trashcan in your vehicle, too!
  • Make it useful as a pen, pencil, scissors container for your desk or art table.

2. Crystal Light containers- (either the whole container or the smaller tubs)

  • Mini Time Capsule for the kids - paper liner tears off nicely.
  • Again, use them to store some plastic bags in your car or somewhere else you might be tight on space.
  • Plastic flatware fits right in it for your next picnic!
  • Small First Aid kit for the glove compartment in your car.
  • Cinnamon/Sugar sprinkler; just poke small holes in the lid first.
  • Use it to wash kiddo's hair in the tub.
  • Wash the dog with it, too!
  • Store feminine items in it, so they don't unwrap in your 'gym bag'. (HA!)
  • Use it for individual sizes of soup, stew for elderly ones to receive for a meal.
  • Use the innard tubs for 'dipping' cups for homemade fast-food fun!

3.Empty Pill Bottles- (empty, obviously)

  • To keep small items 'wrangled' in your junk drawer(s).
  • Store hair pins in them.
  • Keep your small game pieces organized.
  • Snap them over fishing lures, so hooks don't grab onto everything when done fishing.(yeah)
  • Mini, portable, emergency sewing kit
  • Store toothpicks (must-have, so says my dentist)
  • Travel sized lotion

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