Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flat Travelers

This is the one J. sent out last week.

We started hosting a "Flat Traveler" starting this week.
We signed up for the program a few weeks ago.
It is cool, exposing J. to geography this way.

This is the one he received from Canada.

This idea is based on the book "Flat Stanley".
A Flat Traveler is a person, animal or thing made out of paper. You print or draw your Traveler, laminate it and then mail it along with a blank journal to someone in another area, state or country. The host family treats your Flat Traveler as a guest and takes it places they go. After a short time your Flat Traveler is mailed back to you along with a completed journal and perhaps some photos, postcards and/or souvenirs. You look over your Flat Travelers journey and plot it on a map. Some families keep a scrapbook with all their journals, souvenirs and photos inside.

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Anonymous said...

That is cool! J. and I did that several years ago, but it got lost at the first house we sent it to. *LOL*