Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Teach an "Aspie" at Home

I wanted to discuss the matter of teaching J. to read, write & do some math this year, for Kindegarten. We have taken an "unschooling" approach thus far & J. is reading a little, counting to 100, recognizes ALL of the alphabet (upper & lower cases), can perform the phonetical sounds for each letter, with exception to "Q", "X" & "U".

We are not 'formal' h-schoolers... by any means. I am looking for suggestions though, because I have figured some stuff out, but need some supplemental help. And since, he has Asperger's, then that is where my challenge lies.

My son does best in smaller, consistent environments without a lot of change, distraction, noise and chaos, and with instruction coming from someone who knows him well and loves him.

He will still resist. But with consistency, I think I can get him to learn to enjoy learning, instead of ONLY running, playing superheroes & getting dirty and/or wet at any given time, everyday of the week. (Though using the "superhero" gimmick has helped me get him at least a little bit interested in reading.... NOT!! ) Oh, & of course the computer is highly used in our life. So, I do try to get him interested in online books, online learning games at such sites such as: Time4Learning & & Learn to Read at Starfall .

I do not want to necessarily establish a "formal" routine, but it seems he NEEDS this formality.

I just need to accept that need & move on, huh?!

HELP! :0/

P.S.- if anyone is wondering if my other children "exist" at my home, YES, they are alive & well, but they do not want me 'blogging' about them much... so most of my posts ARE about my youngest, because he does not know this blog exists, nor does he care!!!


Anonymous said...

My BIGGEST challenge in parenting and home schooling my Aspergian daughter is the fact that I am seriously challenged at maintaining consistent routines. The other kids do O.K. with my slacker way of doing things, and James will kind of develop his own routines if he needs to. But that doesn't work for Sarah, and it feeds the anxiety. I am still working at it.

Sounds like J. is right on track academically! What kind of advice are you looking for?

wrongshoes said...

I just found your blog via Google and wanted to say hi. I'm a mama, an unschooler, and an Aspie myself. My DS is 3.5.