Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby, Think it Over

Cassidy did the program provided by the City to prevent Teen Pregnancy.

We are Christians with high morals, & frankly I did not consent to this so she could have that reinforced. I allowed it because she 'wanted' to do it.

She loved it the first day, but that night, she became frustrated.

The 2nd day she liked it, but at night, she was irritated.

By the 3rd day, she was so 'done'.

The baby automatically shut off that night.

When we went to the orientation for the class, it was supposed that all the 'kids' would take home a baby, 2 diapers, a set of clothing & a 'bottle'. A BOTTLE??? NO WAY! I am a breastfeeding, baby-wearing advocate & mentioned the dislike of seeing my 'grandchild' eating food from a bottle!! Horrid! There was actually another doula/breastfeeding advocate in the room, too- so I had my back-up!

The director then mentioned that she did have some CLIPS that clipped to the mother's shirt that served as a 'breast'. YAYA!YAYA! She said they had NEVER EVEN OPENED the package before!!!

Cass came home with the clip, needless to say & NO BOTTLE!

Hey, if she is gonna bring home a baby to MY home & ask ME for help, then you better believe I will impose my wishes on her!!! LOL

Nah, just kidding, she KNOWS it is superior to nurse your child & consented eagerly. Even the other girls in the class ended up going home with a 'clip' to ''try it out''!! YES! They still took the bottle home too though. That is ok, because I got my little spiel in about the benefits of breastfeeding. Although, pumping breast milk & feeding from a bottle would be better than artificial milk.

Ok, off my soapbox... sorry about that!

We had an adventurous weekend, needless to say. We kinda got 'teary-eyed' when we returned 'Alaia'. Not worried AT ALL about becoming a Mimi/grandma/Nanny, though. Also, not in a rush!!


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momof3feistykids said...

Sarah asked to do this once, but I didn't know it was available to home schooled kids. We all LOVE the picture of Superhero Sadie. Is she definitely pregnant?