Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aspie rant

I am having huge issues with my DS & eating.
I have tried all kinds of foods, but his diet is slowly dwindling down to about 10 foods, it seems!
He now only wants the burgers from fast food places to have 'just cheese', no meat!!
That is just one example of the changes he is involuntarily making in his diet.

We have taken artificial food coloring out of his diet, which has helped tremendously with his behaviors. I have seriously considered gf/cf diet, but it is overwhelming me. I am reading the SPECIAL DIETS FOR SPECIAL KIDS book currently. Hoping to gain some insight & not be as frightened by it all!

Here is an excerpt from a blog I read about getting children with AS to eat:
"Tricks such as hiding "extra" vegetables in spaghetti sauce and or supplements in a child's favorite drink do sometimes work but can also backfire. Sometimes, after detecting "additions" to familiar favorites, the child learns to be suspicious of all foods and will limit his/her diet even further. This strategy probably works best when the sensory characteristic the child is focusing on is the "look" of the food. If a child is more sensitive to the smell, taste or texture of a food, it may be harder to make "additions" because they are usually easier for the child to detect. Be cautious when using this strategy."

That is DS to a 't'!!

Oh well, we will keep on trying, because what else is there to do?!

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momof3feistykids said...

James (not diagnosed on the autism spectrum) has the same issue. There are like three foods he will consistently eat. :-(

We briefly tried a gluten free diet in our house (and I read up on the GFCF diet). I think if I had to do it over again, I would save up $500 and have a blood antibody test for food sensitivities first. We recently had that done on James. It's expensive, but it was just too hard for us to stick to a special diet without knowing whether it would even help.

As you can see, I have no advice, but I am great as listening to friends' rants. I'm a pretty good ranter, too. :-)