Friday, July 20, 2007

Asperger's, Vaccines & Doctors, OH MY!

The Beast has awoken in me.
I am mother, hear me roar!!!!!!!!

No doctor, no label, no medicine can fight it off!
She is----da-ta-da! The Well-Meaning Mom!!
I am a fighter. I know that. I don't take anything lying down.

Josiah was diagnosed with Asperger's this week. No surprise . Sensory issues have plagued him since 18 months or so.
But, the problem is- the doctors. They think nothing of the obvious connection between the metals they inject into children & degenerating brain cells.
I KNOW otherwise. They deny that they are even in there!!
Last week, I had Josiah up to date on his immunizations. I had put it off for 3 weeks,(after his school check-up---yeah, yeah, homeschoolers, I know, read old posts for THAT explanation!!!) while I researched & confirmed my concerns. I had like 7/8ths of the info I needed to make my decision & the appointment time came, I put it off ... It came again, I took him.
We had done sooo much work getting Josiah off of all artificial food coloring, which improved his behavior tremendously. We were pleased as punch with him.
Then---- KA-BOOM!!!!!!!!! Shots, wild, off the charts behaviors!!! That day!

I have never seen anything like it. Good in the morning, terror by afternoon.
Where did my son go? I gave it a week. It did not wear off yet... I am waiting... when will the effects of the preservatives & aluminums/metals wear off???!!!
That was it... I melted down. Cried like a baby for 2 hours. Guilt.
Pure guilt had come upon me. I did not know how to deal.
Hubby was good... he called the Dr.'s (after I had done so also), demanding to know what was in those vaccines? What a good daddy & husband!
He stayed strong, I lost it more. I am glad he was there.
He asked for the product inserts... they mailed them. They lied.
There ARE preservatives like formalin, 2-phenoxyethanol (antifreeze & formaldehyde!)
in there! Much aluminum, too! Yeah, yeah, no mercury, which is the culprit that makes all parents of autistic children to run 100 mph the opposite direction, but...
metals- animal byproducts, even human substances!!!
You knew this, right?
Well, I am just attacking this aspect of childhood.
The all-knowing mother has made a huge mistake... Unforgivable?? NO. But, the guilt is heavy. I almost had it right... two days more research & I would have made the decision to NOT vaccinate.
Ok, ENOUGH!! I am sure I lost most of you by now.
I will be ok, I will detox my child, via Ionized foot baths at the Chriopractor (those things are amazing, btw!)There are actually flakes of metal & stuff that comes out of the pores of the feet!!
I will & my son will & my family will recover & live life to the fullest & be happy.
I am MOTHER, hear me roar!!!!

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