Sunday, June 10, 2007

Giving up

I am thinking seriously of giving up my dream- to be a doula. All I want is to help women in childbirth. I want to support them emotionally, physically & informationally. I want to pursue it full-time. I am willing to do it voluntarily... not even charging for births!!! Not one little momma will even consider it. I just have so many conflicting thoughts in my head. What to do, what to do!?!?

I am sensitive, I am caring, I am smart when it comes to this stuff.... Ok, I am whiny, too... I realize that!! I am beginning to get a complex about it though... In big cities, everyone knows what a doula is, what they do, why they are beneficial. Not here, not in Staunton, Waynesboro or ALL of Augusta County!! I have met 2 other doulas so far... they have not attended births in years, though.

NOONE knows what a DOULA is!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! This is like a nightmare. I can barely take anymore! Right there, that site tells you what a doula is, what she does, why it is beneficial... We don't replace whatever support you have at the delivery of your child.

Ok, enough with the ranting. I am happy. I am content. I will not break down. Breathe, just breathe.


doula tam said...

hey you! The world needs more doulas. Don't give up, get the word out there. Get t-shirts and flyers made... do it. Good luck.

momof3feistykids said...

I am sorry you're getting discouraged. I think the problem is just what you said - people in this area are pretty conservative and don't know about doulas yet. You *are* helping spread the word -- though it takes time.